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Our Products

Precision Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd. is focused on the manufacture and supply of sheet metal components for the automobile and industrial applications. Presently we cater to many O.E.M's.

Today we manufactures most complex fuel tanks, tubular and sheet metal components for the automobiles along with other sheet metal press parts for the industry. We specializes in suspension & body components for automobiles.

Components Manufactured by us

  • Fuel Tank Assembly For Mahindra Vehicles
  • Skid Plate Assembly
  • Body Reinforcement
  • Cross Sill
  • Panel Floor Reinforcement
  • Engine Mounting Bracket
  • Pillar Hinge Body LH/RH
  • Support Grille Assembly
  • Assembly T R/R Real Loor
  • Exten Side MBR
  • Engine Front Support
  • Fuel Tank Assembly For Mahindra & Mahindra Scorpio Project

Foot Step Section

  • Side steps for SC,DC Scorpio - Exports
  • Rear foot step for U/V.
  • Side step for D/C.
  • Side step for Marshal
  • Side step for Camper Dx
  • Side step for Max
  • Pipe intercool inlet CD for Scorpio
  • Pipe intercool Outlet CD for Scorpio
  • Connection Pipe for Scorpio
  • Pipe Radiator inlet
  • Pipe intercool Outlet CRDI for Scorpio

Press Section

  • Sub Components for Fuel Tank Assemblies
  • Scuff Plates for Scorpio
  • Flex Plates for Exports
  • Oil Pan for Exports